Usnea is a handmade jewelry brand by the Chilean architect Montserrat Fonseca.
Montserrat makes jewelry in silver and resin painted by hand, encapsulating fragments of lichens collected in Magellan Patagonia (scientific name: Usnea barbata). Resembling the relation that the original inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego had with the material, Fonseca rescues the lichen as an organic and living material.
The outcomes of this project are a rebranding of Usnea, which includes logo, packaging and presentation card. In addition, a website is going to be designed and published.
There are a couple of important points that I used to ideate the approach to this project. Starting from the idea that the main material of the brand is lichen, a living organism, the visuals would have to translate this materiality to organic curves and shapes that also go with the shapes of the jewelry itself. 
In addition, is very important to respect the original idea and vision of the artist. For this, I've taking care of finding a middle point between the original vision of Montserrat and my vision and visual solutions for the task. 
Other elements important for the approach includes the location from here lichen is taken and Patagonian culture.

by Montserrat Fonseca

Redesign the logo starting from the original:

A simple animation of part of the logo that could be use on the website, social media or promotional videos.

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